Retribution Paladins, prepare to elevate your arsenal with the WoW SoD Bloodlight Avenger’s Edge, the best-in-slot weapon for Phase 2 of the World of Warcraft Season of Discovery. This formidable two-handed sword is not only a testament to your prowess in battle but also a key to unlocking your full potential on the battlefield. Here’s how to secure this coveted weapon for just 1 Gold Bloodcoin. Our Guide on Bloodlight Avenger’s Edge in WoW Season of Discovery will help you easily understand this topic

Step 1: Understanding the Blood Moon PvP Event for getting WoW SoD Bloodlight Avenger’s Edge

The Blood Moon event is a new PvP (Player vs. Player) encounter introduced in the Season of Discovery. This event is your primary source for farming Gold Bloodcoins, the currency needed to acquire the Bloodlight Avenger’s Edge. The event is designed to test your combat skills against other players in a dynamic and challenging environment.

Tips for Success in the Blood Moon Event:Team Up: Coordinate with other players to form a strong team. Teamwork is crucial to dominating the battlefield. Know the Terrain: Familiarize yourself with the event area. Understanding the layout can give you a tactical advantage. Optimize Your Build: Ensure your Paladin is equipped with gear and talents suited for PvP combat to maximize your effectiveness.

Step 2: Farming Gold Bloodcoins

Gold Bloodcoins are the currency awarded for participating in and excelling at the Blood Moon PvP event. Where you can buy WoW SoD Bloodlight Avenger’s Edge. To earn Gold Bloodcoins, you must actively engage in battles, secure victories, and complete event-specific objectives. Efficient Farming Strategies: Participate Regularly: The more you engage in the Blood Moon event, the more opportunities you have to earn Gold Bloodcoins.

Objective Focus: Pay attention to event objectives, as completing these can offer additional rewards. Solo vs. Team Play: While solo play is possible, forming a team can increase your chances of success and, consequently, your Gold Bloodcoin earnings.

Step 3: Exchanging Gold Bloodcoins for Bloodlight Avenger’s Edge

Once you’ve accumulated 1 Gold Bloodcoin, you’re eligible to exchange it for the Bloodlight Avenger’s Edge. This exchange can be done through a specific NPC (Non-Player Character) associated with the Season of Discovery event.

Exchange Process: Locate the NPC: Find the NPC responsible for weapon exchanges in the event area. The location can vary, so consult the latest event guide or community resources for specifics. Make the Exchange: Approach the NPC and choose the option to exchange 1 Gold Bloodcoin for the Bloodlight Avenger’s Edge. Equip Your Weapon: Once acquired, equip the Bloodlight Avenger’s Edge and prepare to unleash its power on your foes.


The Bloodlight Avenger’s Edge in WoW SoD is a powerful weapon that can significantly enhance a Retribution Paladin’s capabilities in the Season of Discovery. By participating in the Blood Moon PvP event, efficiently farming Gold Bloodcoins, and successfully making the exchange, you’ll secure this best-in-slot weapon and stand as a formidable force in both PvP and PvE encounters. Embrace the challenge, and let the Bloodlight Avenger’s Edge lead you to glory.

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