Tarisland Phantom Necromancer class and Tarisland closed beta announce

Tarisland Phantom Necromancer and Opens Pre-Downloads for November 15 Beta.

Recall the speculation about Tarisland’s new class being a druid? Well, it turns out that’s not quite accurate. The forthcoming class for Tarisland – Phantom Necromancer. He is pellcaster specializing in ranged damage and healing, utilizing a lantern filled with eerie ghosts and moths. Tarisland Phantom Necromancer class, affectionately dubbed Madame Spookylight. Second of the two classes featured in the closed beta starting on November 15.


Features of closed beta testing.

Upcoming beta include a new 10-player raid. PvP content introducing three instances and a novel rank system, along with the assurance of “numerous enhancements to the PvE, PvP, also crafting skill systems” based on feedback gathered from previous tests.


Although the test phase is not live at the moment, Level Infinite from Tencent assures that participants in the second closed beta can pre-download the build now. Consequently, invitations are expected to start appearing in inboxes shortly. Instead of fixating on your email, why not take a glance at Madame Spookylight in action?

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