Diablo 4 Death Trap Rogue Build

Step into the thrilling world of Diablo 4 with our Death Trap Rogue build. With superior crowd-control abilities, this build will let you dominate Open World Content and Nightmare Dungeons, making it an excellent choice for Diablo 4’s endgame.


  • Your choice of Death Trap Rogue Build Tier
  • A fully-kitted and battle-ready character
  • Expert allocation of skill and Paragon points
  • All treasures and riches acquired during the build boost

Key Starter Build Features:

  • Ascension to Level 60
  • Over 650 Aspects-infused Items
  • Unlock Dungeon Aspects
  • Elevation to Renown Level 3
  • Accumulation of  10,000,000 Gold

With rapid clearance of endgame activities and a focus on crowd control, this build is a perfect weapon for experienced players who know their way around the battlefield.

The Death Trap Rogue Build: Where Power Meets Strategy

  • Draw in enemies with unparalleled control
  • Deal earth-shaking damage
  • Offer irreplaceable support in group battles
  • Unleash Ultimates like a storm

Mastering the Art of Death Trap: The Challenges

  • Demands perfect timing and execution
  • Offers a robust yet challenging defense
  • Relies on the Ultimate for peak performance
  • Faces a tougher road with high level pushes
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