Diablo 4 Charged Bolts Build

Empower Your Character with the Diablo 4 Charged Bolts Build Boost.

Immerse yourself in the action-packed world of Diablo 4 with the Charged Bolts Sorcerer build. Designed for high multi-target damage, this build makes short work of enemy hordes in endgame content and Nightmare Dungeons.


  • Your selected Charged Bolts Build Tier
  • A fully-geared and prepped character
  • Efficiently allocated skill and Paragon points
  • All gold and loot collected during Build Boost

Your Sorcerer Starter Build Includes:

  • Character Level 60
  • Over 650 Items with Aspects
  • Dungeon Aspects access
  • Renown Level 3
  • Resplendent treasure of 10,000,000 Gold

Race through the endgame with this build that specializes in multi-target damage, providing an edge in large-scale battles.

Benefits of the Charged Bolts Build:

  • Multiple Defensive Skills and Crowd Control options for Survivability
  • High, consistent damage output
  • Simple, beginner-friendly playstyle

Potential Challenges:

  • Requires close combat
  • Limited survivability when defensive skills or crowd controls are inactive
  • Damage output dependent on Lucky Hit procs

Key Gear Stats to Look Out For:

  • Attack Speed enhances damage output
  • Mana Cost Reduction and Resource Generation increase damage
  • Vulnerable Damage and Critical Hit Chance ramp up offense
  • Defensive stats should include Damage Reduction from Close and Burning Enemies
  • Stacking Armor and Damage Reduction boosts resilience
  • Lucky Hit Chance and Intelligence offer further damage boosts
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