Diablo 4 Blood Surge Build

Immerse in the dark arts of necromancy with our Diablo 4 Blood Surge build. This build combines top-tier defense with versatile damage potential, making it a formidable choice for top D4 Necromancer.


  • Your chosen Blood Surge Build Tier
  • A fully-equipped and ready Necro character
  • Optimal allocation of Paragon and skill points
  • All loot and gold collected during this build boost

Your Necromancer Starter Build Includes:

  • Character Level 60
  • Over 650 Items with Aspects
  • Dungeon Aspects access
  • Renown Level 3
  • A generous cache of 10,000,000 Gold

With a focus on the Blood Surge skill, this build clears endgame activities swiftly and stands strong against all threats.

Benefits of the Blood Surge Build:

  • Highly durable, thanks to superior defense mechanisms
  • Provides consistent performance across the game
  • Delivers super high Overpower damage numbers

Potential Challenges:

  • May struggle against Uber Lilith
  • Relies on gear to perform optimally in the end-game
  • Early game requires significant usage of your basic skill
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