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Dawn of the Infinite Heroic Boost

Elevate your WoW gaming experience with our Dawn of the Infinite Heroic Boost. Experience the latest Dragonflight patch 10.1.5 Megadungeon without the hassle. No preparation required, just rewards.


  • Full clearance of all 8 bosses in Dawn of the Infinite.
  • Potential loot of 437 ilvl gear (upgradable to 441 ilvl).
  • For Immortal runs, a chance at 441 ilvl gear from the final adversary, upgradable to 447 ilvl.
  • Opportunity to secure the elusive Reins of the Quantum Courser mount.
  • Random Quantum transmog items and the coveted Dragonriding Infinite Scales customization from the concluding boss.
  • Unlock the prestigious Defender of the Timeways achievement and flaunt the “of the Infinite” title.
  • Collect 40x Aspect’s Shadowflame Crest Fragment for gear enhancements.
  • Unlock dungeon-associated achievements during your venture.

About Dawn of the Infinite Megadungeon

Step into the fourth megadungeon in WoW’s illustrious history. With 8 challenging bosses spanning across various timelines, the rewards are immense. For Season 2, the megadungeon is exclusively available in Normal & Heroic mode. The treasure? High-rated gear and a distinctive mount awaiting the worthy. Why wait? Dive into WoW’s historic occasions with our carry service.

Additional Dawn of the Infinite Heroic Boosting Options

  • DotI Achievements: A distinct approach to some boss encounters for Crunch Time, A Slime in Need, Back En-masse, and Chaotic Time achievements.
  • Immortal Run: Triumph without any player casualties. Rewards include the Put That Thing Back Where It Came From achievement, Ensemble: Infinite Acolyte’s Regalia transmog, and potential loot of 441 ilvl gear, upgradeable to 447 ilvl (a minimum of 425 ilvl gear required).
  • Loot Traders: Opt for one to three loot traders to share the spoils. Amplify your gear collection with their shared loot, perfectly suited to enhance your character.

What is the Dawn of the Infinite Boost heroic service?

Our Dawn of the Infinite Boost is a premium service designed to help players successfully navigate and conquer the Dragonflight patch 10.1.5 megadungeon without any preparations. Our expert team ensures you receive maximum rewards, including high-rated gears, mounts, and achievements.

How long will it take to complete the dungeon with this service?

The duration depends on several factors, including the package you choose and the current queue. However, our team aims to complete the run as swiftly as possible, often within just a few hours after the order is placed.

Is the "Immortal Run" option risk-free?

Our Immortal Run guarantees that no player will die during the dungeon run. Our team comprises seasoned WoW professionals who have perfected their strategies to ensure success. If, for any unforeseen reason, the run fails, we'll offer a re-run at no extra cost.

Can I choose specific loot traders for my character?

Yes, you can opt for one to three loot traders when ordering the service. They'll share any suitable gear they acquire during the run with you, maximizing the loot tailored for your character class and specialization.

Are there any prerequisites for ordering the Dawn of the Infinite Boost?

For most packages, there are no specific prerequisites. However, for the Immortal Run, your character should have at least 425 ilvl gear. We recommend checking the service details or reaching out to our support for any specific requirements.

Is this service safe and compliant with WoW's terms?

Yes, our service is 100% safe. We employ manual techniques without the use of any bots, cheats, or hacks. Our goal is to ensure you have an enhanced gaming experience without any risk.

What if I have more questions or need assistance after purchasing the service?

Our support team is available around the clock. Feel free to reach out to us with any queries or concerns, and we'll be more than happy to assist you.
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WoW Dragonflight boost
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WoW Dragonflight boost
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